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Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C.

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Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C., a Registered Investment Advisory Firm since 1985, is a comprehensive Life and Wealth Management Firm that provides clients with the choices and decisions they need to make when dealing with complex issues concerning themselves, their families and their communities.

OUR MISSION is to help make our clients' financial lives easy... Again.

OUR FOCUS is a "Life Planning" process, which addresses not only our clients' wealth management concerns but just as importantly, helps them meet their life’s goals.

What is Life Planning?

Life Planning is the art of the human side of financial planning. In Life Planning, we discover what the deepest and most profound goals of a client are, through a process of listening and inquiring. Then, by using a mixture of professional and relationship skills, we resolve the obstacles to these goals, by creating a Plan and then guiding the client to the accomplishment of these goals, in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

"Setting Life Goals Is Your Challenge...
Helping Secure Them Is Ours."