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Financial Planning

You have goals, but do you have a roadmap to achieve them? We help clients reach their objectives by designing both comprehensive and goal specific financial plans. The strategic process that we utilize means each client receives a unique plan that is designed to simplify his or her life.

We specialize in Retirement Income Planning and Social Security Income Planning. Other firms use a generic approach, making the same recommendations to all clients, regardless of their needs. Our firm developed the Income in Stages… Money to Last® process as a solution to these challenges (see below).


Income in Stages... Money to Last® Process

Have you considered what happens after retirement?

You methodically saved for retirement, but what happens after that milestone is reached? Is your portfolio structured to withstand both good and bad market environments?

The method used to distribute money from your portfolio is crucial to achieving financial success and our proprietary process allows for portfolio growth, while preserving a stable and reliable source of income.

Retirees are frequently concerned about running out of money. We address this issue with our clients and implement a personalized strategy that fits their needs.

Ask us about our Income in Stages… Money to Last® process or to view a sample plan CLICK HERE and use CSample01 as the username and SASllc2018 as the password. If asked, the answer to the security question is sample.


Social Security Income Planning

With so much at stake, when and how to elect Social Security may be the most important decision couples make in retirement.

Other Planning Services

Risk Management - Estate Planning - Income Tax Planning - Medicare and Medicaid Planning - Employee Benefits Planning

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