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Investment Management

Utilizing some of the top investment management firms in the country, we help our clients employ a strategic and disciplined approach to achieve their investment management goals.

Our Process:

  1. Asset Allocation - We help structure an allocation that you can live with long-term and has the potential to meet your objectives.
  2. Portfolio Design - Leveraging our strategic investment management partners, we utilize research and knowledge of the economic cycle to construct portfolios that we believe should perform consistently across asset classes and geographic regions.
  3. Investment Manager Selection - Our investment management partners utilize a manager of managers approach. These managers are third-party advisors to whom specific asset management assignments are given. These managers do the actual security selection. They are monitored carefully and switched out when necessary.
  4. Portfolio Construction - Portfolios consist of multiple levels of diversification, designed to optimize return while managing risk.
  5. Tax Management - When required, techniques designed to help our clients keep more of what they earned are employed.
  6. Risk Management - Managers are monitored diligently by more than 100 professionals globally.

Each client has a personal and customized Investment Policy Statement (See Video Below).


SEI Private Trust Company, our Strategic Partner based out of Oaks, PA, is our primary choice for the implementation of our clients' investment strategies.

Who is SEI? Please select this link to learn more! SEI Private Trust Company

Whether just starting out, getting ready for retirement or in retirement - we can help.

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