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Layoffs On the Way for AT&T?

As COVID continues to stress the economy, folks are getting laid off left and right.  The news continues to report million of people are unemployed, and that it isn't likely to get better in the near future.

What makes this economic downturn most insidious, however, is that potential layoffs aren't limited to a single industry. Reports have come in from the airline industry, to the oil and gas industry, and more. These next few months will be very telling for many companies, and perhaps more importantly, many individuals.

Are you an employee in a company that has been negatively affected by COVID-19? Are you worried that your number will be called and that you will lose your job? Unfortunately, no one can control what AT&T ultimately decides to do to help it's bottom line. What you can do, however, is be prepared for any outcome. That's where Strategic Advisory Services, LLC comes in.














We are a Fiduciary* Registered Investment Management firm specializing in Retirement Income Planning and proud to have been in business for 35 years. We have helped hundreds of AT&T employees over the years - both bargain and management - successfully and effectively retire, and we can help do the same for you.


As you face many important decisions, as a way of introducing our services to you, we would like to offer a 30 minute initial consultation with our team of Certified Financial Planners®, free of charge or obligation. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please fill out the form below, give us a call at 713-977-3800, or email us at

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How Safe and Secure are Your Investments?

Learn how SEI Private Trust Company can provide an additional level of security to your investment portfolio.  A level of security that goes above and beyond what is typically offered by a brokerage firm or bank.

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Fiduciary: The highest legal duty of one party to another, being a fiduciary requires being bound ethically to act in the other's best interests. Most financial advisory firms are not Fiduciaries.

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