“How is Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C. different from other wealth management companies or financial planning firms?”

  • The key difference between Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C. and other wealth management firms is our philosophy that your investment portfolio is a piece of your overall financial and life plan; it does not stand alone. Investing your money without first understanding your long-term goals just doesn’t make sense to us. Our skilled, financial professionals are experienced in first listening to you about your goals, and then creating a plan of action, before ever making recommendations for your investment portfolio. Even if a formal plan is not necessary, we will ask questions to be sure your portfolio is designed to support your situation and needs. Most other "wealth management" companies focus only on investments and not your life goals. Part of the real value added is our consideration of the tax impact, estate issues, and other aspects of your situation so that your long-term wealth is maximized. We take pride in the depth of professionally trained staff to provide this expertise.
  • We want our clients to rest easily with their investment decisions. In keeping with that goal, our team of financial professionals will meet with you to help measure the level of risk you are willing to take when investing your portfolio. This is an essential piece of the planning process at Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C. The financial/life plan created for you will match your comfort level and risk tolerance for investing and will be updated daily, unlike most other firms.
  • We do not use a "cookie-cutter" approach when allocating your portfolio. Many wealth management firms have a "one size fits all" approach to investing, whereby all clients have the same portfolio, regardless of their needs.