“I have an account with a national brokerage house. How is Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C. different?”

  • Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C takes a team approach at analyzing, developing, and recommending changes to your current financial condition. All members of our team are at your disposal whenever you need to contact them.
  • Another significant benefit is that we consider tax implications, estate implications, and tax efficiency of asset allocation (taxable vs. tax-deferred) as part of your strategy.
  • Focusing on improving returns and helping minimize taxes are all part of the prudent personal financial management offered by our firm.
  • You will find a refreshingly different approach with us. We will spend a great deal of time listening and learning about your concerns and financial goals, analyzing your portfolio, and gathering data to help us construct your life plan.
  • As a result of being good listeners, we are able to make objective recommendations to create multiple portfolios that can meet several financial/life goals. Together, we will discuss the financial impact of any recommended changes so that you can make informed decisions.