“I have my portfolio at several other investment firms. What advantages are there to discussing and possibly moving my portfolio to Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C.?”

  • New clients often come to us with fragmented portfolios comprised of investments made over the years with no real long-term plan in meeting each of their life goals. While these investments seemed to be "a good idea" at the time, no one is watching or coordinating their overall portfolio to see if it truly supports or even coincides with their long-term life objectives. We will develop a written investment plan with you (updated daily) and see which investments are suitable and which are not. We will then help you consolidate these investments to simplify your financial life, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they are being professionally managed, specifically based on all your life goals.
  • Another significant benefit is that we consider tax implications, estate implications, and tax efficiency of asset allocation (taxable vs. tax-deferred) as part of your strategy. Focusing on improving returns, reducing risk and helping minimize taxes are all part of the prudent personal financial management offered by our firm.