“My bank/Financial Advisor is offering me a "free" financial plan. What is different about your plan?”

  • The old adage that "you get what you pay for" is very true in this case. The financial plan that you will receive as a client of our firm is both comprehensive and client specific. This means we do not use scripted and overly-simplified, prepackaged planning software often used by large financial institutions. Typically, these types of plans are ultimately used as sales tools to introduce clients to proprietary products. They are often so generalized that they have low value to a client.
  • In most cases, the safest way to project long-term financial security is to be as exact as possible in using facts and assumptions. We have seen simple plans that led to disastrous decisions and caused retired individuals to have to go back to work.
  • Most financial plans are stagnant and “out-of-date” as soon as they are prepared. We use complex aggregation software to download account values nightly to create a “real-time” financial/life plan. We have the ability to aggregate accounts we manage and even accounts held outside of Strategic Advisory Services, L.L.C.