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Confronting Change

Who likes it? Who thrives in it? Who has a plan for it? A very few people, that’s who. We’re talking about change, of course. It comes in many fashions, like a thief in the night, and strikes at the very fiber of our lives that we have so painstakingly established.

Imagine for a moment that you’re a kid again, and life is good. You’ve got friends at school, friends in your neighborhood, and you’re about to start little league. You just listened to “Check Yes or No” by George Strait, and realized that’s exactly what’s happening with a classmate you sit next to. Then, you get home from school one day and your dad sits you down and tells you that he’s gotten a new job three states over, and you’re moving tomorrow. Imagine the shock, panic, and fear that would accompany that revelation.

Now amplify it tenfold, because in reality, you aren’t a kid anymore. You’re an adult. You’re an adult facing real challenges in life. Challenges like your spouse informing you that he/she wants a divorce. Challenges like receiving a call with the news that your father/mother passed away. Challenges like getting laid off with absolutely zero savings in your bank account, and no idea how to provide for your family. How do you even begin to approach that? How do you wrap your mind around it? Hopefully, if any of these are happening to you, you’ve got friends that can help you with psychologically coping. Tragedies like that should be weathered with those you love, because if you can’t get over the first step of accepting what happened, you’ll never be ready for the other challenges that will come.

Not the least of which are financial. It’s something we hate to admit, but financial implications are the elephant in the room that no one wants to confront. What will your financial future look like after a divorce becomes final? How will you manage the inheritance your parent left you? Can you identify your cash flows and keep to a budget?

Look, we know finances are not fun to most people. It’s not enjoyable. Some people associate it with pulling teeth. But in the midst of crisis, you need help. And we want to be that help. There are real people with real problems out there, and if you’re one of those, please give us a call. We aren’t just there to help financially, we would like to build a relationship based on friendship as well.

We can’t guarantee that life changes and transitions will be easy if you involve us. But, we’ll do everything we can to make it easier and less painful. Just remember, when change hits, you’re not alone.

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