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Social Security Scams and Market Updates

Lately, we have been receiving more and more reports from clients who are being called by scammers. These scammers are preying upon people using a litany of scams, ranging from claiming that a person's social security number has been compromised, to saying that they owe thousands of dollars in taxes to the IRS.

If you are the target of such a scam, DO NOT give them any personal information, which they will doubtlessly be seeking. If the Social Security Administration or IRS need to contact you, they will do so by mail, NOT via phone. If you receive a letter claiming to be from the SSA, IRS, or other such government entity, we urge you to call the entity to confirm the veracity of the letter you received. Don't be another victim!

Additionally, we have a brief market update for you! The Dow and S&P 500 each hit all-time highs last Friday - for the 35th time since the recovery began a year ago. What does this mean going forward? Check out Jeremy's thoughts!

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