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Three Tips for Saving and Earning More Money

How frustrating is it when you look at your bank account at the end of the month, and it just isn’t what you hoped for? Too often, people fall victim to financial temptations and laziness. In order to better equip our readers and clients to face financial challenges, we’d like to discuss three easy tips to cut expenses and keep more money in your pocket.

  1. Beware of the impulse purchases!

Have you ever gone to HEB or Walmart hungry? How’d that go? I’m willing to bet that you bought a few more items than were originally on your list… We’ll be the first to tell you, those purchases add up. We know those Powerades are only $.69 and the Snickers was only $1.25, but after a whole month the total for those items could be frightening. To your credit, stores are making impulse purchases easier and easier to do, with food rotators and shelf placement being capitalized on by marketers and salespeople. Have you ever noticed that Doritos are usually right at eye level? There’s a reason for that, trust me. Just remember, when you think that it won’t really matter if you get that pint of Blue Bell, resist!

  1. Make a budget!

It’s surprising to think about, but according to a Gallup poll from 2013, only about one in three Americans prepare a daily budget. Personally, we think it’s because finances are the elephant in the room with most families; it’s there, but nobody wants to talk about it. Nobody wants to face their spending habits, because oftentimes people are ashamed about what they spend money on. Let us tell you, if you’re serious about cutting expenses and saving more, budgeting is absolutely essential. Could you tell us how much you spent on groceries this past month? Gasoline? Entertainment? Once you know where your money is going, it’ll be easier to curb the flow of unnecessary spending.

  1. Seek additional streams of revenue!

If you’re satisfied with where you are in life, perhaps this tidbit doesn’t apply to you, but for those who are seeking better means, pay attention. There are always opportunities to work more or do more to better your financial situation. The key, as in many cases, is to find a niche and work at something you love. We’ve seen teenagers open a car detailing business out of their garages, retirees working at a winery or local brewery, and even adults with 9-5’s working as bartenders on weekends. The point is, if you desire more, seek opportunities. Be creative. We have faith in you.

Above all, have faith in yourself. You have the power to better your financial situation, if you follow rules, take advice, and execute plans. In the words of Dave Ramsey, “It’s never too late to turn things around. You are the only obstacle.”

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